Behind The GLOW!!

Welcome to the world of GLOWbyGraffiti! A space created for anyone in search of fuel to their existing Fire! Here is where that Boost of confidence is located. With multiple styles of accessories as well as a blog page, GLOWbyGraffiti is a platform created to not only service its audience with products, but also a safe space to engage in confidence building conversations with other woman as well. Developing a community that will continue to grow beyond the page.  

"GLOWbyGraffiti" (est 2019) is a curated selection of fun fashion accessories, home accessories to serve as an extension of the brand GraffitiFace (est 2012), founded by Wardrobe stylist/Buyer Brandi Reshee'. Brandi worked behind the scenes for 8 years as a Buyer for a boutique in New York. Within this position she became an expert at knowing exactly what the Customer needed. However, found it difficult to locate pieces that she wanted as a Stylist. After several years of convincing herself that the "online boutique" lane was not hers. She realized with the tools that she possessed she actually had the EZ pass straight to the HOV lane. So here we are!

The mission of GLOWbyGraffiti is simple, it is to make people feel Confidence at its highest frequency! Fashion has no boundaries, so understanding that the Right accessory can enhance any look. Our goal is to consistently be that space to find those pieces. When people leave this site, we'd like to assure that they leave inspired to a magnitude the they literally GLOW! Wether they've purchased a bold pair of frames that are completely out of their comfort zone. Or wether they read a Blog post and become inspired by someones testimony. 

Brandi always viewed her job as Wardrobe Stylist as a form of Therapy, for herself and her clients. The process is very similar, one has to to first find comfort in trusting you with their appearance, but within those building moments, private experiences are also shared, like therapy. Styling is not simply about knowing what looks good on a client, but more about the psych of the the client, what makes them Feel Good!

"Once your confidence is high, you can wear a paper bag and make it Fly!"


Founder Brandi Reshee' has always been a visionary when it comes to style, and staying ahead of whats next, GLOWbyGraffiti is her way of sharing the vision, and ultimately, what will keep the GLOW alive!

"Styling is an art, much like Graffiti! It has no template, it is freehand, to which the Vision, only the artist can see." Styling and Art is Identical. It's simply Creativity at its best. There is no right or wrong to the process. The Execution is the Win!"